That's what it's all about: “Auf Klo” is a talk format on YouTube. And because the toilet is the place to be able to exchange secrets undisturbed, Eda Vendetta, Lisa Sophie Laurent and Maria Popov invite a new person there every week. Why is nobody actually talking about miscarriages? Am I pansexual? What does non-binary actually mean? And why is the liquid in tampon advertisements still blue? While they clear up clichés, they talk openly about friendship, sex, love, mental health, the future, politics.

This is what the makers say: Since September 2016, “Auf Klo” has given people a voice who in our society rarely have the opportunity to speak about their experiences and life situations. The most important thing: we don't talk about them, we talk to them! And even the biggest waves of hate on the web can't stop us. But why this name? "On the toilet" is an answer to the annoying question: "Why do girls always go to the toilet in pairs?" Well, to talk relaxed about the important things and problems in life in a safe room for them. It is obvious! We talk about sex and contraception, the first visit to the gynecologist, the first period, beauty ideals and body images, eating disorders and learning stress. But also about everyday racism or unwanted pregnancies. With "Auf Klo" everything is really addressed so that everyone knows: there is nothing to be ashamed of!

I was commisioned with my colleague Tomasso to work on a new branding for the youtube channel, we wanted to create something new unseen and personalized for the channel. Unfortunately, they did wanted to go back to what they already had with simple changes so  we couldnt pitch this 2 Style options.
I still wanted to share it cause i think it was a very fun project to work with just 2 days as a deadline.

Hope you like it.
Style 01
For this style we wanted to create a 3D tour in a surrealist environment with the main elements from the show.
Style 02
For this second style we wanted to play with 2D flat elements. A lot of camera traveling and simulating a bradcast show.
Even if we had to work with what we already developed before, it was really fuin to try new things. Thanks a lot to Funk for letting us try things out.

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