Project 01. My Favorite place
I thought about Mexico, Mexico is my hometown and i love the beach. Being in Berlin i realized how much i miss the beach and the nice and exotic weather that Mexico gives. This project helped was to actually getmy mind on 3D mood, actually i took some tutorials on how to do a lot of stuff. It was a ncie prooject cause i learned about different ways to approach a result starting from the sand, texturizing my scene and camera settings as well.
Project 02. Be Kind, Please Rewind
For this assignment we learned how model inside C4D to use splines to create more complex objects and also how to use the pen tool to spell words and simulate a ribbon in this case it the tape ribbon with a secret message. Was fun prokject as well while creating product shot and working with composition.

Project 03. Super Modeling Challenge
The assignment was to create a Super Nintendo console – plus cartridge and control – from one primitive object using all the modeling tools. Ej Walk us through all possible tools se we learn how to do poligon modeling starting from a cube. Quite a challenge.
Project 04 . All Caught Up
This challenge was all about lights and how place / set them to create different moods. My first set is gold and black, giving this feeling of elegance. My second one i really wanted to achieve something with just pure black materials and light it up in a way that looks cartoony and violent at the same time. My third render consists on achieveing some realistiv materials with a good lighting. And my fourth render has a bit of a retro - magical vibe.
Project 05. Make It Shiny
In this assignment we learned how to use materials to give colors and textures to the objects and light the scene to make it seem real, using bright colors, reflections, soft boxes and HDR Images.
Project 06. Up in The Air
In this assignment we learned how to use camera, the main goal of this assignment it was to create a race with our little characters and use as many shots possible using the stage setting and camera angles.
Project 07. Its a Trap
In this assignment we learned how to animate. We went through learning how to use the time line and animate everything my hand. Was a nice a project taking in consideration that theres other ways to do animation without keyframes. This  Project helped us a lot to understand and get comfortable with the timeline (specially if you are alredy familiar with AE).
In this assignment we learned how to use create a city using tools like the clore and also how to select how and where to position you elements in order to have control where do you new your objects to be placed. After that we animate our piece using effectors parameters.

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