Regardless of how our society develops, a focus on sustainability is essential in every industry. Only sustainable business practices ensure that our resources on earth are preserved and can continue to provide a good life in the future.
The financial sector has a significant role to play here, as major innovations that help us to manage in a resource-efficient way need to be financed. Accordingly, MiFID II regulation stipulates that financial advisors must ask about and document their clients' sustainability preferences during the advisory meeting from August, 2022. As advisors, you should be able to guide investors through the jungle of different terms in the field of sustainability. This is exactly what this course is designed for.
e-Mission prepares knowledge on sustainability for training and certification in the banking and insurance sector. This knowledge is based on our exclusive sustainability educators and experienced experts from different industries. Our Sustainable Investment course enables financial advisors and asset managers to evaluate and make informed decisions about sustainable investments.
Client: E-Mission GmBH
VFX and 3D Motion Design : Eduardo Marin
Creative Direction: Roberto Zamora

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