In 2018 i tool Design Bootcamp by School of Motion mentored by Michael Frederick. This was one course that put all skills together from design perspective so we can pass it to motion. It was quite intense course with a lot of styles, and activities. It was really challenging and so much fun. The course is 6 weeks long, each week has two assignments...

Project 00. Orientation Week
This is the first assignment, it was about designing a Title card and a transition from a footage of (Dota 2 tournament). The goal of this assignment is to test your skills before engaging into the course.
Project 01. Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown
The first assignment is about a dancing show called Urban Freestyle: Tokyo Throwdown, where teams of break dancers compete each other on the streets of Tokyo. The client wanted this to be inspired by the location.
Style 02
Project 02. Expedition 100: Mission to Mars
Expedition 100: Mission to Mars, the client is Nasa, the assignment is to design a Style Frame options- I made two. We had to make a treatment on the footage as well as design for all GFX. The feel should be dangerous, awe-inspiring, cinematic.
Style 02
Style 03
Project 04. Sprint
Project 03 . Diesel: DANCE planet
Diesel is hosting an EDM festival in Barcelona and would like to nail down a design direction and structure for a :30 commercial for the concert. The festival will be held at a popular club and will feature tons of popular EDM acts, lots of glow sticks and Red Bull and Vodkas. The spot should reflect the Diesel brand.
Diesel tend to use black and white in their designs, It was a bit tough to stick with their color palette and style.
Project 06. 12KM
Project 05. Everlearn.iO is a startup devoted to educating the US public about the issues surrounding the way higher education is sold and delivered. Our mission was to create boards for a :15 brand awareness spot. They have provided us their (four colors) color palette and style reference.
Project 08. Converse
This assignment was so much fun to work on, a :05 logo reveal animation for Converse, we were supposed to make it 3D, they provided us an open source logo. I built the idea from scratch. I inspired the idea from the high energetic commercials of Nike.

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