This 2020 i has been really challenging. Playing a lot with different tools, and styles and briefs and deadlines, a lot has changed since i moved to Berlin and i have lived a lot of new experiences. Culture is not the same as i had in Mexico where i always had my family that  could support me cause they also used to work on the media and advertising,  therefore i had to work double or triple to follow my motion colleagues here outside.

During this year i have been in several agencies as a freelancer and as full time working for several briefs with big brands such as spotify, Etihad, Netflix, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nike, Reebook, etc and i can tell that it is not easy, it requires a lot of effort and sacrifices and a lot of frustration. But i feel very proud of what i have done so far, and i hope i can continue on this field for good and for long.

Here are a couple of personal projects i worked on in the last months.

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