In November 2020 NOUS ETUDIONS reached to create some visuals for the Brazil Immersive Fashion Week. Nous Etudions is an Argentinian Vegan Brand that brings fashion and sustainability together on their products,  driven by their monochromes, minimalism, and austerity we thought about the idea of Nous Etudions as a lab that bringing cruelty-free textiles to life.
BRIFW is the first Latin American immersive fashion community, where all exhibits had a 3D fashion film presenting their brand collections, it was a very interesting project as we had a week and a half to think about a concept and execute for final delivery. Part of the journey on the technical side was to recreate their patterns using in 3D and to use dynamics to make them feel alive.

Concept: Romina Cardillo and Eduardo Marin
3D/ Motion: Eduardo Marin
Editor: Paulo F. Cueto


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