I was commissioned by The Sweet Spot to undertake the creation of an animation for their client, Myra Security. The project entailed the development of a 90-second animated film, adhering closely to the brand guidelines and script furnished by the client.
During the initial stages, we focused on generating style frames that closely aligned with the client's brand identity. Additionally, the client expressed a desire to explore a slightly divergent, more science-fiction-inspired approach.
In the ensuing weeks, our efforts were dedicated to conceiving potential characters, refining the artistic style, and devising captivating visual effects. Subsequently, we embarked on the task of crafting a storyboard, supplied by the client, and subsequently proceeded to enhance their graphics with our artistic expertise.
To further enhance our creative vision, an animatic was produced, affording us valuable insights into the temporal progression of the animation. This was a crucial preparatory step preceding the animation phase, where our team applied their skills to bring the project to life with utmost finesse.
Client: Myra Security
Agency: The Sweet Spot
Illustration & Animation: Eduardo Marin
Behind the Scenes

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